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Title of Role:                       National Trainer (Sexual & Gender Based Violence)

Organisation:                  ICGLR – RTF (Regional Training Facility on Prevention and Suppression of Sexual and Gender Based Violence in the Great Lakes Region, Kampala, Uganda)

Type of position:              Long Term Consultant

Reporting to:                     Director, Regional Training Facility

Starting Date:                    1 February 2018

Application deadline:     15 November 2017


The Kampala based Regional Training Facility (RTF) on prevention and suppression of SGBV in the Great Lakes Region is an institution of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR). ICGLR is an intergovernmental organization composed of 12 Member States namely: Angola, Burundi, Central Africa Republic (CAR), Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Republic of Congo (Congo Brazzaville), South Sudan, Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

The RTF was officially opened in February 2014 and became operational in April 2014. Her mandate is to train and sensitise judicial officers, police officers, social workers, medical officers and other categories of persons with a responsibility to handle cases of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) in the region. SGBV crimes remain rampant in the conflict/war zones of the ICGLR as well as in peacetimes, and the region is determined to eradicate it. Two key partners, the World Bank and The Netherlands Initiative for Capacity development in Higher Education (NICHE) have over the years supported RTF in training professionals working in the Great Lakes Region composed of the four target groups mentioned above. In order to implement this activity of training professionals, RTF sends out this invitation to apply for the role of National Trainer (NT). National Trainers work alongside 12 Master Trainers. The cascade model of training follows the following steps:

1) Master Trainers are trained by international partners,

2) Master Trainers train National Trainers,

3) National Trainers train professionals.

Role of the National Trainer on SGBV

Under the guidance of the Directorate of RTF, the National Trainer (NT) will work alongside one or more Master Trainers to refine general training curricula and course materials, and train professionals. The structured setup of the training revolves around a cascade model where a total of 12 Master Trainers will train around 96 National Trainers, who subsequently will train more than 1000 professionals in the first two years only. The National Trainers will mainly work from and in their respective countries. Further, the NT Invitation to apply for the role of National Trainer on behalf of ICLGR-RTF, October 2017 will play a role in supporting RTF to become the centre of excellence in the GLR regarding the fight against SGBV.

In each of the target countries, a NT will focus on one of the target groups (medical, social, judicial or police) and as such a background in one of these fields is helpful. However, the National Trainer may also make use of local experts in the field of the professionals that are being trained.

In order for the NT to fulfil his/her role he/she will first receive training (one week in his/her own country). The training shall be provided by RTF Master Trainers. The three main areas of training for the NT are; a) content, b) curriculum and material adaptation to local contexts; and, c) methodology.

The NT is expected to stay affiliated with his/her current organisation and/or do other work on the side. The role of the NT shall not be full time. It shall be subscribed on consultancy contract basis. Each NT shall only be paid for the days he/she works for RTF. The days that the NT has not trained including when he / she are being trained by the Master Trainers shall not be remunerated.

Tasks, remuneration and time estimate

The selected NTs shall be offered a long-term consultancy contract on the following terms.

  1. All expenses involved with the NT’s activities including travel, accommodation, food and visa costs when applicable shall be met by RTF;
  2. Between December 2017 and March 2018 the 120 (10 per country) selected NTs shall be trained by Master Trainers. This training will be a one week full time programme, taking place in the country of the National Trainers, and shall not attract remuneration.

RTF will meet all expenses associated with the training;

  1. Between March and June 2018 the NT’s will work under supervision of Master Trainers to adapt the general curricula and course materials to their local contexts. NTs that will be selected to participate in this process will be remunerated for their work;
  2. In August 2018, a small group of NTs will train professionals, in country, as a pilot. Based on this pilot training, recommendations made by participants shall be incorporated in curricula and materials for subsequent trainings. NTs that will be selected to participate in this process will be remunerated for their work. There shall also be a validation workshop where some NTs shall be selected to participate;
  1. From December 2018 onwards, after the NTs have adapted the available curricula and training materials to their country contexts, they shall start training groups of professionals. During these trainings, RTF will cover all expenses and pay a remuneration per day to the National Trainer;
  2. Where remuneration is mentioned the following applies: A National Trainer receives $200 (two hundred US dollars) per day for each day worked (i.e. working on curricula and whilst training professionals). A maximum number of days per activity applies however; this will be specified in the contract. Whenever any other activities apply RTF shall agree with the NT’s on the requisite terms and conditions of service.

Qualifications, experience and competencies

The minimum requirements/qualifications for a candidate to apply for the role of National Trainer are as follows.

A candidate:

  1. Must be a national of one of the ICGLR member states;
  2.  Should have proven knowledge of (or is currently working in) one of the professional sectors of police, judicial, social or medical in the GLR;
  3.  Should demonstrate a minimum of 5 years experience in training groups of professionals;
  4. Has background knowledge in gender and/or in the field of SGBV;
  5. Holds a Bachelors or Master degree in a relevant discipline;
  6. Is a good communicator with sufficient computer skills;
  7. Speaks their local language(s) and preferably also English or French.
  8. Will get preference over other candidates when he/she holds a position at an existing training facility specialised in SGBV and/or is qualified as a teacher or trainer.

Submission guidelines

All applicants shall observe the following:

  1. ICGLR-RTF has hired an independent consultant to shortlist National Trainers before a selection will be made. This means that RTF management has no say in who will be selected and who will be not. There is no need to contact the Acting Director. For any questions, please contact administration at
  2. To submit your candidacy, please send your application before 15 November 2017 at 10 a.m. GMT by email to the independent consultant Mr. Moses Arinaitwe at and in cc to RTF administrator Ms. Patience Bahiira at If you do not receive confirmation of receipt within two working days after you sent your application, your email did not come through.
  3. The application email to and must contain three attachments only (in Word or pdf format, in English, French OR Portuguese): A cover letter of maximum 2 pages to introduce yourself. Make sure to briefly discuss all qualifications, experience and competences listed above; A detailed CV (4 pages maximum) including two references (listing the organisation, contact person, telephone number and e-mail address); A copy of the university degree (in either French, English or Portuguese).
  4. If you applied for the role of Master Trainer in May 2017, please refer to that application in your email and only share your updated CV
  5. Those who are shortlisted to become ICGLR-RTF National Trainers will be asked to gather some data in their country and write a brief report as part of their selection process (between 4 December and 11 January).


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