Master Trainers

Under the guidance of the Directorate of the RTF, the MT’s will, alongside Netherlands Initiative for Capacity development in Higher Education (NICHE) experts, carry out research, design training curricula, develop course materials, train and monitor trainers. The structured setup revolves around a cascade model where a total of 18 MTs will train more than 100 Trainers, who subsequently will train more than 1,000 professionals in the first two years only. The Master Trainers will mainly work from and in their respective countries, although travel will be required on multiple occasions. Further, the MT will play a key role in supporting RTF to become the centre of excellence in the GLR regarding the fight against SGBV.

The MTs will focus on one of the target groups (medical, social, judicial or police) whilst collaboration with other MTs is considered crucial.

In order for the MTs to fulfil his/her role he/she will first receive high quality and extensive training in three areas. Training is provided by experts from the NICHE project (carried out of the Consortium consisting of Maastricht School of Management, Rutgers and Living Peace Institute). The three areas of training for the MTs are:a)

a) Formative research;
b) Curriculum and material development;
c) Training of Trainers and methodology.