Specific Objectives

1) To train and sensitize judicial officers, police units, social workers, medical officers and other categories of persons     who handle cases of sexual violence in the Great Lakes Region;

2)  To develop regional coordination and standardized curricula that provide common skills, common frameworks and a common access to content, materials and the database as well as training on resolutions; standards and policies as well as on protocols and frameworks of the ICGLR, AU and UN instruments on sexual violence;

3) To provide regional knowledge-generation, scientific evidence gathering, early warning, documentation and sharing framework that encompasses running a website network and new media activities, as well as facilitating demand led networking events and a regional SGBV training network available to training stakeholders;

4) To provide policy oriented research to inform training materials for practitioners in the management of SGBV cases;

5) To provide a database of regional and international technical experts and a technical assistance as well as regional and national SGBV training needs for quality enhancement of SGBV training across the Region.