The Regional Training Facility on Prevention and Suppression of Sexual and Gender Based Violence in the Great Lakes Region and Huffine Global Solutions sign a Memorandum of Understanding and Partnership Cooperation

Washington DC – March 5th, 2024The International Conference on the Great Lakes Region-Regional Training Facility (ICGLR-RTF) on Prevention and Suppression of Sexual and Gender based violence in the Great Lakes Region, and Huffine Global Solutions (HGS), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Partnership Cooperation. Whereby both parties agree to work jointly to fulfill ICGLR-RTF’s mandate to train and sensitize judicial officers, police units, social workers, medical officers and other categories of persons who handle cases of sexual violence in the Great Lakes Region.  The ICGLR-RTF is an institution of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region ( which comprises of 12 member states, namely Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Republic of South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, and Zambia.

This agreement marks the commencement of the practical stage in which the commitments and understandings endorsed by the Heads of State and Government from all ICGLR Member States are put into action to combat Sexual and Gender-Based Violence. It encompasses initiatives such as enhancing forensic training and capabilities, collaborating with local and pertinent international entities to offer insights into the influence of emerging technology on legal and judicial systems, as well as engaging with local and national communities to tackle Sexual and Gender-Based Violence issues on both community and societal fronts as guided by the Socio-Ecological Model.  The Socio-Ecological Model facilitates  understanding of the range of factors that put people at risk for violence or protects them from experiencing or perpetrating violence. 

HGS serves as the prime coordinator within a consortium of companies that have collectively pioneered cutting-edge technologies aimed at enhancing efficiency and reducing costs within their respective industries. These collaborating enterprises unite their strengths to deliver holistic solutions to  countries, aligning with  aspirations of the local populace. Central to the HGS approach is a commitment to prioritize the recruitment of local talent and the utilization of local resources during project development. This approach is underpinned by HGS’ guiding motto: “Transforming a Nation’s Natural Resources into Sustainable Health and Prosperity for its People,” which underscores a strong emphasis on reinvestment in the nation and its inhabitants.

Edwin Huffine, the CEO of HGS, is a multifaceted expert in international relations, economic development, and forensic science, with a longstanding experience in the Great Lakes Region whose  work has had a profound impact on numerous nations, improving their forensic systems. In his words, “This initiative offers an invaluable means to address various forms of violence within the ICGLR region. The agreement with HGS exemplifies the dedication of the ICGLR-Regional Training Facility leadership.  Forensic science plays a pivotal role in crime resolution and prevention contributing to a more stable society by identifying perpetrators and ensuring justice for the innocent. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with the ICGLR-Regional Training Facility to implement these programs across the region.” 

The Honorable Dr Janvière Ndirahisha, the Regional Director of the ICGLR-Regional Training Facility on Prevention and Suppression of Sexual & Gender-Based Violence in the Great Lakes Region stated, “Over the years, the ICGLR-RTF has been involved in training and sensitization of professionals and other categories of persons who handle cases of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence on forensic based evidence programs and this Agreement with HGS represents an evolution of our longstanding collaboration with Dr. Huffine. The dedicated ICGLR-RTF team has persistently strived to fulfill the objectives outlined in the ICGLR Pact, Protocols, Declarations and Resolutions, and this partnership with HGS introduces novel tools and support to further advance our shared mission of combating Sexual and Gender-Based Violence across the International Conference of Great Lakes